All of our know-how applied to major events

What we offer

Feasibility studies, project preparation, budget assessment and estimates, seeking sources of funding, and identifying sponsoring bodies.

Promotion, from creating the graphic look to editing, printing and distributing presentation texts and programmes, flyers and brochures.

Coordination with sponsors, the authorities, institutions, and cultural/scientific bodies.

Main activities: planning; technical/logistics coordination on the selection and layout of the conference venue; sourcing translators, hostesses and specialist personnel; organizing transport, hotel accommodation and catering services; management of the scientific secretariat; handling relations with speakers; drafting, translating and printing official documents; and collecting and publishing the conference minutes or catalogues.
Lastly, the administrative office ensures compliance with statutory requirements, drawing up the accounts, collecting and registering enrolment fees, offering tax advice and arranging insurance policies.

Planning and Pre-Event

The first step of the event planning is the choice of conference venue, after meticulously analysing the feasibility and taking into account complex variables such as: the appropriateness of the conference centre, hotel accommodation, the selected period, expected number of participants and ease of access. Each event is personalized with a detailed planning organization and scheduling.

We ongoing cost control of the budget estimates, sourcing sponsors and a targeted event promotion: graphics, preparing and realizing all printed material. We offer also contact with speakers, moderators, VIPs and hospitality management, accommodation and conference facility management, management of transport to and from the conference centre and conference venue mounting with catering service management.

Event and Post Event

The high-quality presentation and keeping to schedule help ensure the entire event is a success. Our staff and hostess will welcome guests and offering assistance throughout the conference. At the efficient secretary’s office: a tried-and-tested computerized programme to ensure fluid enrolment, real-time barcode-based badge printing, hall attendance monitoring (using laser readers) to allocate “CME training credits”.

At the end of the event we will work to complete of administrative and tax requirements, final budget drafting and a final report for presentation to the Association, featuring numbers from the event and a list of participants.

Provider Ecm

New Congress conceived and established this foundation for surgeons and citizens. We came up with its graphic look and overall project, and are responsible for its communications and institutional/educational activities;
Formed from the ACOI Associazione Scientifica, the Foundation exists to serve both surgeons and citizens, raising awareness among surgeons about the value of relationships, and convincing citizens that surgeons are willing to have a different type of relationship based on dialogue and sharing.

Offices and Training Programmes

  • Fondazione Chirurgo e Cittadino (ACOI)
  • Anote Anigea (Ass. Nazionale Operatori Tecniche Endoscopiche)
  • Associazione Italiana Osteopati
  • SIMFER (Società Italiana Medicina Fisica e Riabilitativa)
  • Master Universitario di Perfezionamento in Dermatologia Estetica e Correttiva
  • SIUCP – Multicentre training programme
  • SICO – Multicentre training programme
  • SIC – Annual Surgical Techniques Course

New Congress and Training

We conceived and are partners in Live Surgery and surgery training courses, using:

  • Simulators
  • Animal models (Centro di Biotecnologie AORN Cardarelli)
  • Cadavers (ICLO Arezzo; Ecole Européenne de Chirurgie, Paris)

Certificazione in Endoscopia Ginecologica

Seguendo la dichiarazione congiunta delle più importanti società scientifiche internazionali sui requisiti del training in endoscopia ginecologica, al fine di garantire ai pazienti una chirurgia di qualità, l’ESGE , in collaborazione con le società scientifiche affiliate e l’Academy, ha sviluppato il PROGRAMMA GESEA, ovvero il primo programma per la formazione e la certificazione in endoscopia ginecologica.

A Napoli, presso il dipartimento di ginecologia, dotato di pelvic center, organizziamo corsi mensili per modelli HYSTT, SUTT e LASTT. E’ inoltre attiva una piattaforma online di scoring su cui, singoli o gruppi, durante il training delle capacità psicomotorie, possono inserire i propri dati e monitorare la propria curva di apprendimento, valutando così oggettivamente la preparazione per l’esame di certificazione.

BACHELOR IN ENDOSCOPY – presso il centro di Napoli diamo anche la possibilità di sostenere esami per Bachelor in Endoscopy.

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